How To Deposit Via Bitcoin (BTC) On Endow Bull Trading

Until you fully verify your account, you will only be able to deposit via Bitcoin directly or using a 3rd party provider and withdraw via Bitcoin (BTC) only.


Only send Bitcoin (BTC) to the address we provide you on the Deposit page.


You can only use the Bitcoin address we provide you once. You will get a new Bitcoin address every time you request a payment.


We do not process Bitcoin Cash (BCH) transactions.
Please note:


Once your funds have been sent to the Blockchain, the status of your payment will change from WAITING_APPROVAL to WAITING CONFIRMATION.

Step-by-Guide: How to deposit via Bitcoin
  • Select the “Deposit” section.
  • Choose a wallet to deposit into.
  • Select Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Enter the deposit amount.
  • Click “Proceed to the Payments Page” (The deposit button will change once you make your selection).
  • Copy the Bitcoin address.
  • Go to your 3rd party Bitcoin (BTC) wallet provider and follow the instructions to send Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Then paste or input the Bitcoin address we provided you on our payments page.
  • Please note: Once the funds are processed on our end, they will go to the Blockchain and will need 3-6 confirmations before the funds are processed. Once you have sent the Bitcoin (BTC) and your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet provider sends the deposit to the Blockchain, the status of your payment will show as WAITING_CONFIRMATION in the payment status section.
     When we receive the funds, the payment status will change to APPROVED.

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