How to KYC verify your VLoad account

After signing up to VLoad, you will be asked to provide KYC to “Upgrade your Tier” so you will have more flexibility when it comes to your account activity.
You can choose which one you would like to do first by clicking on it.
  • Copy of ID (front and back)
After you click it a notification will pop up showing you how to upload the front and back of your ID document.
After you have uploaded the front and back of your ID document, you will then need to take a selfie photo.
  • Full-face view photo
Please note: To take a selfie, you will need to have a webcam if you are using a desktop computer or a device which has a camera.
If you have uploaded the ID on a computer and you need to use another device which has a camera, you can just upload the front and back of your ID on the computer and then log out and sign in on another device, you will not lose any work.

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