What is the withdrawal process if I use my credit/debit card to deposit?

If you deposit by credit/debit card purchasing Bitcoin via a 3rd party platform, those funds would need to be withdrawn via Bitcoin back to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Once the initial deposit has been returned via the same method in line with our closed-loop policy, you may use a different withdrawal method for future withdrawals of additional funds in hand from trading. For methods other than Bitcoin, your Account would need to be fully verified through our KYC Verification Process.

  • The withdrawal will be processed by us in the same or next business day and can take 1-3 hours or 3-6 confirmations on the Blockchain before being received.
Example: If you deposit $100 initially and have a balance of $200 in your Endow Bull Trading from trading, we have to process $100 back via the original deposit method. Then we can send the other $100 to you via a different method if you prefer, should you be looking to withdraw the balance of the $200 in total. 

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